Offline Aadhaar

Offline Aadhaar is a paperless KYC solution for businesses looking for an alternative to Aadhaar e-KYC and for those who are trying to automate their customer on-boarding and verification process using their app or web portal.


Aadhaar Regulation Compliant


Supports Paperless Aadhaar XML zip file & e-Aadhaar PDF


Validate signatures on both PDF & XML
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Extraction of Multiple Data points

Verify customer details such as Name, Address, Gender, DOB & Photo 

Plug and Play Integration

Easy Integration in your existing application – Mobile or Web using SDKs & APIs 

Real-time downloading

Seamless downloading & uploading of updated information in real-time. 

How to Integrate and Verify Aadhaar offline

  • Fill the enquiry form link
  • Integrate aadhaar offline web API or mobile SDK
  • Enter your aadhaar number in mobile SDK  or upload your aadhaar card in web API for extracting aadhaar details
  • Aadhaar offline XML will be provided in json format
Extract and analyse bank statements in real-time and derive consumer financial insights using our APIs.
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Verify Aadhaar and fetch crucial data associated with it in real time using our simple to use restful SDK
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