Implement Vendor Security with ease
Vendor Verification

Each transaction needs to be dealt with a lot of study and caution. Entering into long-term relationships with vendors require a deep understanding of the businesses you deal with.

Verify your retail network
Retail Network On-boarding

A good retailer onboarding program has many benefits for retail companies, especially because these businesses report some of the highest employee turnover rates across all industries

On-board partners onto your pltaform
Shared Economy

The sharing economy has a history of disrupting traditional business sectors if run efficiently. By on-boarding partners digitally brands can scale quickly and securely.

Fetch the GST registration details of a business, directors information and validate its authenticity.

Shop Act Verification (in Beta)

Verify Shop Act License issued by Municipal co-orporation before on-boarding retailers to your platform.

FSSAI Verification

Get FSSAI license owner and services details for various food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Additionally verify the business owners
  • Verify director’s identity
  • Verify address through utility bills
  • Match customer’s selfie with the face on ID card
  • Gesture based face liveness check to protect spoof attacks
  • All verification features bundled into a single SDK
Get API Keys
Single SDK for your KYC needs

Mobile SDK to extract and validate data from image of the Id cards as well as perform face biometric analysis and face match check in single configurable SDK

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Fetch ID documents via Digilocker
Digilocker SDK

Mobile and Web-based SDK that provides you verified documents directly from digilocker that are available in customer’s digilocker account.

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